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Ana Sayfa Urfa AKP does not end crisis

Urfa AKP does not end crisis

Giriş Tarihi: 19 Nisan 2011 Salı 16:45
Urfa AKP does not end crisis

Candidate presentation meeting President Yusuf Egilmez Sanliurfa province, the 2nd row the island Eyüpoğlu'na bird, the Minister of Energy Star and Idris Naim Sahin Eğilmez'i calmed.

Okan Haksever / World Bulletin / Ankara

The AK Party does not end the crisis of Sanliurfa. Candidate presentation meeting President Yusuf Egilmez Sanliurfa province, the 2nd row the island Eyüpoğlu'na bird. Hall wants to leave the Minister of Energy Star and the General Secretary Eğilmez'i Idris Naim Sahin stopped.

The AK Party Urfa crisis, in March 2009 began before the mayoral election. The current mayor Ashraf Fakıbaba some lawmakers who oppose re-nominated show, "put your municipality mine jacket win," he said.

Erdogan also listening to members of parliament, the candidate did not Fakıbaba. In response, he resigned, the Felicity Party candidate Fakıbaba, lawmakers used this word as campaign material. The people of Urfa AKP MPs anger "jacket" in favor of keeping the agenda into polemiğini Fakıbaba, again won the local council.

3 months ago Sayyed Eyyüpoğlu'nun independent member of parliament who were protesting the AK Party to participate in the same province is another important member of parliament Sabah Ore, the AK Party, has resigned.

Prime Minister Erdogan, "jacket" issuing the crisis, lawmakers drew the current Urfa. On April 1 in the list of candidates that included former lawmakers just Yahya Akman, Erdogan made a new list from start to finish.

But this angry and isolated tribe leader, Zulfikar isolated, half an hour before the AK Party, resigned from the lists YSK'ya award, was an independent candidate.

Still waiting for the AK Party candidate Ibrahim Tatlises could not find in the list of the AK Party, became an independent parliamentary candidate.

The AK Party Headquarters, İzol'un AK Party did not take place in the list of previously learned how to research began. Searching for leaking information not included in the list İzol'a name.

In addition, the AK Party Headquarters, to end the crisis experienced in Sanliurfa Urfa minister Faruk Çelik added a list of the first order, but the crisis is not over in Urfa. President Yusuf Egilmez Sanliurfa Province, during a photo shoot presentation meeting in Ankara Arena candidate, parliamentary candidate, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan Seyit Eyyüpoğlu'nun does not open a place for itself on the angry side, landed on the platform.

Eğilmez'i Minister and Secretary General Idris Naim Sahin Taner Yildiz persuaded. Provincial President out of the podium again, holding the hands of Erdogan, posed. However, already from the lemony Eyyüpoğlu'nun the Rigid and then wonder how Will Do was the subject of working together.

June 12 elections, cutthroat competition, the more experienced will be the province of Sanliurfa doubt.

2 independent candidate supported by the BDP on the one hand, on the other two major names like Ibrahim Tatlises, and Zulfiqar isolated kapışacak to enter parliament as an independent.

On the other hand the conflicts within the AK Party, will affect the election process.

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