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Ana Sayfa Turkish civil organisations preparing mass march against army coups

Turkish civil organisations preparing mass march against army coups

Giriş Tarihi: 27 Şubat 2010 Cumartesi 21:52
Turkish civil organisations preparing mass march against army coups

"70 Million Steps Coalition" that brings together several non-governmental organizations will stage a big march against military coups on the anniversary of postmodern coup of February 28.

Organisation of Human Rights and Solidarity for Oppressed People (MAZLUMDER) also will lead another big demonstration supportd by Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH).

70 Million Steps Coalition and Civil Solidarity Platform has organized a march tomorrow, that will start from Tunel and end in Taksim Square in Istanbul, starting at 15.00 pm. The march is called "Early Final: End of a Thousand Years," referring a remark of a coup time general who said that "28 February will continue for 1000 years."

70 Million Steps Coalition describe the 28 February coup as "The world's most corrupt post-modern coup that carried out by the military, media, high courts and non-civilian, non-governmental organizations."

The protesters in an earlier demonstration demanded for a judicial process against all coup organizers.

Spokesman Ayhan Ogan, stating that he is one of the victims of the post-modern coup, said "Tomorrow, we will state that Turkey will not tolerate anymore February 28's. We will not allow it to happen again."
In 1997, the Turkish military overthrew a coalition government led by a conservative party which seen as the source of ongoing AK Party government.

After 12 years, Turkish prosecutors are probing a series of coup plots, the latest is "Balyoz", related to big illegal organization called as "Ergenekon".
Dozens of documents, phone transcripts and photographs clearly indicate that Arslan and some of the Ergenekon suspects were frequently in contact with each other. When an arms cache inside a shanty house in Istanbul's Umraniye district was discovered in the summer of 2007 -- the discovery that would be the start of the Ergenekon probe -- the Council of State shooting was reinvestigated by prosecutors on the Ergenekon case.

Uneasy with the existence of a conservative party -- the Welfare Party (RP) -- in government, the General Staff began briefing members of the judiciary, university rectors and journalists on religious fundamentalism at its headquarters in early 1997. The MGK made several decisions during a meeting on Feb. 28 and presented them to then-Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan (also the leader of the RP) for approval. Erbakan was forced to sign the decisions, according to Today's Zaman daily.

The MGK decisions, 18 in total, are still largely under implementation, and Turkey is prevented from taking any steps that could go against them. The decisions seem as though they will maintain their grip on the country for some time to come.

Among these decisions is the strict protection of the principle of secularism and the invention of new laws to protect it if existing laws fall short of doing so. This decision is so strictly implemented in our day that any moves that are considered to endanger secularism in the country are immediately fought against. Two recent examples of this are the blocking of amendments lifting the longstanding ban on headscarves at universities and a closure case filed against the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) on the grounds that the party had become the focal point of anti-secular activities.

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